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Frequently asked questions

Please check out our FAQ's below. If you have a question not on this list please reach out to Katie Hausman, Senior Director of Summer Programs!

What time are pick-up &

Morning Carpool drop-off is between 8:15 and 8:45am. 

Afternoon Carpool pick-up is between 3:30 and 4:00pm.

How do I sign up for late care?

Late care runs from 4:00-6:00pm and costs $90/week. Late care pick up is in the main Kaiserman JCC Lobby. 

Registration opens in early-April.

Where is early pick-up/ late drop-off?

Head to the main Kaiserman JCC Lobby for any non carpool timed pick-ups and drop-offs.

How often do campers swim?

Campers age three swim once every day.  

Campers ages four and older have free swim once every day, and three to four instructional swim periods per week.

Can I store items from home at camp?

Campers in Keflets (Bunks 1-4) and K’ton Ton (Bunks 5-12) can store items from home in their bunk rooms. Campers in Gan (Bunks 13-18, and 22), Kadimah (Bunks 19-21), Gesher, Keshet, and Chalutzim are not able to store anything at camp overnight. 

Is there a camp nurse?

Yes! Camp Kef has a full-time, licensed nurse for the summer.

Are snacks and lunch provided?

Camp Kef is Dairy Kosher and Peanut & Tree Nut FREE

Healthy snacks are provided by camp and are served twice a day. Pack your own dairy kosher lunch and we will refrigerate it or pre-purchase daily or weekly hot lunches through Nana's Kitchen. Nana's Kitchen provides dairy Kosher lunch options for purchase that are delivered to camp daily. 

Need more information on Dairy Kosher? Contact Senior Director of Summer Programs, Katie Hausman for more information.

Do you do shabbat at Camp?

Every Friday we gather together to celebrate Shabbat at camp!

Is there security?

Yes! Camp Kef employs OPS Security, who are on campus every camp day. 

What should we send to Camp?

Daily Packing List for All Campers:

• Pack a dairy, peanut & tree nut free lunch which will be refrigerated (unless your camper is buying lunch)  

• Wear sneakers every day. Flip flops/sandals are only for the pool area.    

• Always bring a water bottle. Make sure it has your child’s name on it.    

• Bring 1 towel per day.    

• Bring 1 OR 2 bathing suits, depending on the schedule that day. *if your child’s bunk has swim in the morning, please send them to camp that day in their bathing suit, when possible.

• Bring plastic bags for wet items.

• Pack sunscreen. Counselors will help apply it and/or remind campers.

• Children in Gan and up WILL NOT be able to store things at camp overnight.  

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